TC34mm to 3/8

TC34mm to 3/8" F-NPT

TC 1.5

TC 1.5" Thermowell 160mm

Heating Element, 2" 500W

2" TC Sanitary heating element designed for use in santary applications where ease of cleaning is important.

The heating elements is designed to get the lowest possible watt density and is very easy to clean.
Perfect for use with Brewtools Unitanks with kveik or other high temperature fermentation applications.
Can also be used in cominbation with 2" TC pipes for RIMS applications.

Note that the product comes without any temperature or power control. The manufacturer does not take responsibility for incorrect use or use with too much power output.


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SKU 6117380
Weight in kg. 2
Heating element 500 W
Voltage 230V EU
Length mm 300
Diameter mm 42