brcgs storage and distribution


P.A.B. is certified for BRCGS Storage and Distribution standard since 2022. The BRCGS Storage and Distribution certification achievement was strongly wanted by senior management of P.A.B. Srl, which has always considered Quality a key element of company strategy. Our Quality Management System has therefore been aligned with BRCGS Storage and Distribution standard requirements, in a perspective of continual improvement to ensure high standards of products quality and safety.

BRCGS Storage and Distribution standard defines the requirements for storage, distribution and wholesale marketing of food and non-food products. Our BRCGS Storage and Distribution certification covers all the company processes: purchase, storage and distribution of ingredients, food additives and processing aids, food contact materials, equipment, instruments and sanitizers for brewing. The marginal activity of raw materials repackaging and the outsourced transport service are excluded from the scope of certification.


Company processes’ improvement

A documented system subject to continual improvement.

Food Safety Culture

Increased staff awareness about food products quality, compliance, safety and hygiene topics.

Food Safety assurance

Support an effective traceability system and develop Food Fraud and Food Defense plans.

Enhancing company image

National and international recognition of the BRCGS certificate.

Resource optimization

Identify opportunities for waste and costs reduction thanks to an efficient management system.

Organic Certificate
certificazione biologica


Since 2015, P.A.B. is certified for storage, labelling and marketing of organic products: malt grains, hop pellet, hop cones and essences.

Organic production is a global management system for farms and agri-food production based upon best environmental practices, high levels of biodiversity, protection of natural resources, application of rigorous criteria for animal welfare, production suited to certain consumers’ preference for products obtained with natural substances and processes.